The Benefits of Rhinoplasty

 In Toronto Plastic Surgery Center

It’s not surprising the rhinoplasty or a “nose job” is one of the most popular forms of plastic surgery. The nose plays a very prominent role in our appearance. Often it’s too prominent a role, and the nose we were born with ends up dominating our faces so much that we become the target of ridicule and bullying.

Rhynoplasty & Nose Surgery

Especially when we are very young, having an extra-large nose can make us the butt of cruel jokes from other kids, even though we did not choose to have a big nose and there is nothing we can do about it. Not even plastic surgery, if our noses are still growing. And they do that until we are about 15 or 16, even though really wish they would stop a lot earlier than that.

Correcting the size and shape of a large nose is not the only form of nose reshaping, or rhinoplasty, but most of those who choose to undergo this type of surgery, are looking for a reduction in the size of that facial feature. And one of the major reasons they are doing so is to rebuild self-confidence that was shattered by early teasing and bullying.

Aesthetic and psychological benefits

Besides reducing the size of the nose, there are several other reasons for rhinoplasty. These include the removal of disfiguring bumps or lumps on the nose; lifting a drooping nose tip; and narrowing a nose that is too wide. It can also restore symmetry to the face by straightening a skew or misshapen nose, correcting birth defects or repairing a broken nose.

  • Aesthetically, changing the size and shape of the nose gives your other features a chance to be noticed. As the nose tends to dominate the face, it is often the first thing noticed by anyone you meet (and by you, every time you look in the mirror). It doesn’t matter how high your cheekbones are, how beautiful your eyes, or how perfectly shaped your lips, those good features are likely to go unnoticed. After correcting the nose at The Toronto Plastic Surgery Center, these features have a chance to take the limelight.
  • Rhinoplasty can go a long way towards helping rebuild confidence and self-image that has taken a knock through years of teasing.

Medical benefits

There are also many medical benefits, the major one being improvement of airflow and breathing.

  • A deviated septum can cause you to snore, or even experience breathing interruptions while you are sleeping (sleep apnea) which can prove dangerous. It can also cause sleeping problems which lead to your feeling tired all day. This can affect all aspects of your daily life, including your job.
  • Rhinoplasty can be used in conjunction with sinus surgery to correct severe sinusitis and its associated breathing problems.

To bring about the desired result, a plastic surgeon cannot remove your nose and replace it with another one. Instead the surgeon is forced to work with what you have got, reshaping and modelling it so that it looks more pleasing or functions better. It is important that you approach the surgery with realistic expectations.