The Benefits of Plastic Surgery

 In Toronto Plastic Surgery Center

Plastic surgery is certainly not all about facelifts and breast jobs in the 21st century. Procedures and techniques have developed to such an extent that plastic surgeons are able to help you solve most body issues through cosmetic plastic surgery.

The techniques are available, and the procedures, but it is up to you to see the benefits of what plastic surgery can offer you before deciding, with the help of your plastic surgeon, whether it is right for you.

What plastic surgery can do for you

Plastic Surgery Benefits

Surgeons at centres like the Toronto Plastic Surgery Centre are able to rejuvenate eyebrows, faces, necks, breasts and thighs by lifting them. They can straighten your nose or make it narrower; repair torn earlobes or pin jutting ears back. They can also enlarge or reduce breasts, upper arms, tummies or nipples, and remove fat where it’s not wanted and insert it where it’s needed.

Multi-procedure packages

Procedures are performed individually or grouped together as makeover packages, like Mommy Makeovers aimed at helping women who do not plan to have more children recover their pre-pregnancy bodies. Even tummy tucks have widened to include extra options like the body lift or belt lipectomy. This includes not only the abdomen, but also the back, waistline, hips, buttocks and thighs.

While many of these procedures are performed purely for aesthetic reasons, many have sometimes unexpected health benefits in terms of better functionality, and all have psychological or emotional benefits brought about by the aesthetic ones.

Why do we need it?

From school bullies, through insensitive family members to mean work colleagues, people have a way of commenting on things we can’t always help – like a big nose or tiny boobs. They sometimes even give us nicknames based on them. Plastic surgery can put an end to many of those problems, but we weren’t always sure whether to try it.

Obsession with beauty

Beauty & Skin Care

The media’s obsession with beauty and with Hollywood stars’ use of plastic surgery to get and maintain it, gave the impression that this form of surgery was the preserve of stars and would-be stars, entertainers and the mega-rich.

However, through television series set in the world of plastic surgery, the media has also brought it into our homes, highlighted its benefits and made the concept more acceptable to everyone. Media attention has also taken plastic surgery across the gender lines: A recent study showed almost equal numbers of men and women were prepared to consider plastic surgery.

Enhancement is more than skin deep

The primary benefit of plastic surgery is its ability to improve our general appearance, whether that is by straightening the nose, pinning back an ear, making us look more youthful or removing stubborn fat no diet seems to budge.

Plastic Surgery & Appearance

However, improved appearance can be like a stone being thrown into a pond – a multitude of added benefits ripple out into various spheres.

  • Self-esteem and self-image are at the top of the list. All of us like to look our best. It helps us feel good about ourselves and our bodies, and builds our confidence, when meeting people and conducting our lives.
  • Successful careers: It may not seem fair, but research lists higher success for beautiful people in job interviews, performing at work and landing promotions, because, instinctively, employers are more likely to see a good-looking person as being confident and efficient enough for the job. Conversely, employees are more likely to work harder for good-looking bosses.
  • Better social interactions: Just as in the workplace, an enhanced appearance, is likely to make it easier to meet new people, socialise more comfortably, try new things and experience more. It’s all in the self-confidence it gives you.
  • It’s not always about aesthetics: Sometimes we are born with something that isn’t quite right, or grow up to battle with parts of our bodies which interfere with our comfort, health or functionality. Trauma or injury can also leave us with physical disfigurement. Plastic surgery can provide huge benefits in these areas.

Breast reductions might prove necessary for other reasons besides aesthetic ones – the weight and size of large breasts can end up putting a strain on the back, which worsens as a woman ages and the breasts begin to droop. For some sportswomen, such as women golfers, a reduction can benefit their game, as large breasts can prove an impediment.

Breathing easier

Rhynoplasty & Nose Surgery

It would be easy to believe that nose jobs were purely done for aesthetic reasons, to straighten or slim down a nose thought to be unattractive. Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery is also done to correct breathing problems, and it often provides the extra benefit on the side of putting an end to snoring.

Liposuction is the removal of stubborn fat that refuses to move no matter how hard you try to get rid of it with exercise or diet. Its body contouring purpose is to help improve the appearance of your body but the new slimmer you will benefit in other ways, too.

Health benefits of less fat

Your joints will not be taking the same strain as they were when you carried those extra pounds, so you shouldn’t end up feeling as stiff and sore. People who carry less weight also have a better likelihood of being able to bring their blood pressure and cholesterol levels under control, and have a lower risk of getting heart problems.

Not a miracle cure

Plastic surgery is not a miracle cure for emotional or psychological issues. Plastic surgeons are the first to admit that, and to caution, and perhaps even turn away, people who set their expectations too high when it comes to the surgery.

Be sure to think about why you want to undergo surgery and what you hope to accomplish through it. Then discuss it with your experienced and certified plastic surgeon. He or she will be able to tell you whether or not surgery will be your best option and, if so, which type of surgery will benefit you most.