Thigh Lift Surgery Procedure Toronto

Dr. Pirani is regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons in Toronto. During your procedure he will meticulously help you eliminate excess soft tissue so that you can feel happy about your body and live more confidently.

Thigh Lift Surgery

A thigh lift is a procedure designed to reduce the circumference of the upper inner thighs and lift sagging skin in this area.  It is often combined with liposuction of the thighs in order to optimize the results.

Depending on the amount of excess soft tissue and the quality of a patient’s skin tone, there are several options for performing a thigh lift.  For patients with only a small amount amount of sagging tissue limited to the upper thighs, a mini thigh lift (short scar) with liposuction is often the best option.  In a mini thigh lift, the incision is usually well hidden in the groin crease.

For patients with excess soft tissues throughout the thighs down to the knees, a full thigh lift will improve overall thigh contour and circumference the best.  This requires a long vertical scar that runs from the groin down to the knee along the inner thigh.

Which Procedure is right for me?

If your excess thigh tissue is limited to the upper third of your thighs, then a mini thigh lift may be the best option for you.  If, however, you have excess soft tissue throughout the length of your thighs, then a full thigh lift may be indicated.  This is more often the case with post bariatric patients.

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