5 Questions to Ask at Your Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

 In Toronto Plastic Surgery Center

If you are contemplating undergoing plastic surgery, no amount of researching on the internet can give you answers or put your mind at ease than having a one-on-one consultation with a reputable plastic surgeon like Dr. Pirani, at the Toronto Plastic Surgery Center. Patients who ask their doctors about the different concerns they have, get answers and peace of mind. In fact, patients who have many questions answered make the most informed decisions regarding cosmetic surgery. However, there are certain key questions you should definitely ask your potential plastic surgeon.

Plastic Surgeon

Q. Are you board certified to practice plastic and cosmetic surgery?

The answer to this question will reaffirm many other factors about your plastic surgeon – like their training and accreditation, expertise and even their commitment to your safety and concern. You should never be scared to ask this question, because if a plastic surgeon is well reputed, they will be more than happy to set your fears to rest and divulge all you wish to know. Dr. Pirani from the Toronto Plastic Surgery Center is not only Board certified, but is also widely regarded as an expert in the field. The Toronto Plastic Surgery Center, established by Dr. Pirani, is renowned to be the pre-eminent destination for plastic surgery in Canada.

Q. How much experience do you have with the procedure I want?

Many plastic surgeons specialize in certain aspects of cosmetic surgery, which is why this question should be the next on your list. The more experience your plastic surgeon has with the type of procedure you want, the better results you will have. Also, they will have more before and after examples to set your mind at ease. Dr. Pirani is renowned for his skill and he is often called upon by various media agencies, magazines and news stations for his expertise as a plastic surgeon. Actively involved in teaching at multiple universities both in Canada and the US, Dr. Pirani also served as Chief Plastic Surgery Resident for UBC and completed the University of Toronto Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery at NYU.

Q. Who will be my anesthesiologist?

All cosmetic surgery procedures involve the use of anesthesia. Discussing your anesthesia options with your doctor will help you mentally and physically prepare for your surgery. Each individual will have unique requirements and will need to be prescribed their own type of anesthesia. Knowing your anesthesiologist’s credentials will allow you to finalise your procedure with your cosmetic surgeon without a worry.

Q. What will be my recovery time?

You need to know how much time will be allocated for your recuperation and how much time you will be away from work, friends and family. There are personal and professional priorities which may need to be put on the shelf while you recover. You need to know if you can spare that amount of time from your schedule.

Q. How much will the procedure cost me?

There are many factors that may go into the pricing of a procedure; ranging from location of the clinic, to the specific procedure required, materials involved, fees and other expenses. Always beware – If something sound too good to be true, it usually is. Do not decide on a cosmetic surgeon on the cost alone – a surgeon just starting out on their career may not have the experience a reputable one does and may offer a lower price to attract your custom or may even cut corners.

Your appearance is important to us, and in the end, quality is paramount. We encourage you to feel free to ask your cosmetic surgeon as many questions as you need in preparation for your cosmetic surgery. If you are thinking of getting plastic surgery done, do not hesitate to contact Dr. Pirani at the Toronto Plastic Surgery Center.