The Many Benefits of Dermal Fillers

 In Facial Fillers

Facial aging is a continuous process that starts when you are in your 20’s and gets progressively more prominent due to various changes that take place in your skin and inner tissue. Wrinkles and skin atrophy are more visible in areas like the face and the neck, and many people look for quick and painless solutions to getting a youthful appearance, which is when dermal fillers come into the picture. These are the many benefits of choosing dermal fillers at Dr. Pirani’s clinic for facial rejuvenation.

Dermal Fillers Injection

1. No Recovery Time:

Although the initial consultation may be lengthier, the actual procedure itself will take ten minutes, depending upon how much area is needed to be treated. In fact, you can come in during your lunch break for a quick and painless session, and walk away to your appointment after. Why our clients love dermal fillers at Dr. Pirani’s clinic is because of the quick correction process of aging, leaving you with a natural, youthful appearance.

3. Minimal Side Effects:

Unlike surgery, dermal fillers are a non-invasive process that leaves you with barely any side effects, if any. You may have possible bruising or redness in the treated area, but when administered professionally with Dr. Pirani, any signs will disappear within a few hours to a day and can be covered with makeup. You can even avoid bruising if you follow Dr. Pirani’s instructions from your initial consultation.

3. Customized dermal filler treatment plan:

All our patients are unique and are given individual attention to find the right dermal filler for them. When you make an appointment with Dr. Pirani, he will take the time to discuss your concerns and ultimate goals so that the best solution can be made, regarding your treatment process.

4. Extremely natural results:

Dermal fillers are a non-invasive procedure and when performed by an expert like Dr. Pirani, you can walk away with a very natural, youthful face. As it doesn’t take as much time as an invasive procedure like surgery, you can get strategic dermal filler placement for those who want to reduce their wrinkles, make their crow’s feet disappear and who simply want to look years younger, without making it seem like they had a lot of work done.

5. Strategic dermal filler placements:

Not everyone is the same, and at Dr. Pirani’s clinic, you can choose what you want done and where. After a thorough consultation, you can choose particular areas you want him to concentrate on. You can walk away with plumper lips, a reshaped nose and a cheek and chin augmentation. For patients who are concerned about the visible aging signs on their chest and hands, dermal fillers can be used to smoothen the skin to leave you with a youthful look.

6. Duration of treatments:

Although how long treatments last may vary from individual to individual, the results last from six months to two years. All you have to do is just pop in to Dr. Pirani’s clinic to maintain your youthful profile. The more treatments you have, the longer your muscle memory is and the longer your treatments will last.

7. Perfect alternate for people who don’t want to go under the knife:

Surgery can be a scary thing, and many people have fears of going under the knife. For those who would love to enjoy the results of a surgery, without having to get cut up, can choose dermal fillers as a safe and effective alternative.