Three Reasons To Consider A Cheek Augmentation

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Full, youthful cheeks, and beautifully defined cheekbones can dramatically rejuvenate the look of your face. Gaunt or hollow cheeks can age you. In fact, a sign of aging is the loss of facial fat.

Cheek Augmentation

For those who aren’t naturally blessed with perfect cheeks, a cheek augmentation can help you achieve beautiful facial structure and definition, and boost your confidence as a result!

Whether it’s aging or your facial structure, if you’re dissatisfied with the look of your cheeks, cheek augmentation is a great option.

What is a Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek augmentation can be performed on its own, or along with other plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, or a face lift. Before a cheek augmentation, you will consult with your surgeon thoroughly to determine what shape and size of implants are needed.

Implants are usually made with silicone, and are chosen and shaped to suit your unique needs and facial structure.

During the surgery, there are two places an incision may be made:

  • Inside your mouth: A small incision can be made at the back of your mouth, through which the implants are placed.
  • The lower eyelid: An implant can be placed over your cheekbone. Surgeons usually place implants this way if eyelid surgery is being performed at the same time.

Either way, the incision is small and the procedure only takes 30-45 minutes, on its own.

Though you may experience soreness and swelling after the surgery, recovery time for cheek augmentation is mild and easy, and you should be able to return quickly to regular activity–under the guidance of your doctor, of course.

Why Should I Consider a Cheek Augmentation?

Here are three compelling reasons to consider a cheek augmentation:

    1. You’ll Look Great!

Many different things can be achieved with cheek augmentation.

      • Your cheeks can be made to appear fuller, giving your face a youthful look.
      • They can be used to create more contour, giving your features a more defined, appealing look.
      • Your cheekbones can be made to appear more prominent, giving you high cheekbones–a highly sought after, beautiful feature!
    1. It’s Quick and Easy!

As we’ve said above, recovery time is minimal following a cheek augmentation. You don’t need to stay overnight at a hospital, and pain is usually minimal. There may be some swelling, soreness, or tightness, but it is usually manageable. Your doctor can also prescribe pain medication if the pain is higher than usual.

You can usually return to normal activity quickly after the surgery, though it is advised that you take it easy for a couple days.

    1. You’ll Feel Great!

Since the procedure is so easy, with minimal recovery time, you’ll be able to quickly start enjoying the benefits. Being confident in how you look can greatly improve your self-esteem, general happiness, and quality of life!!

If you think a cheek augmentation may be right for you, contact Dr. Pirani today to set up your personalized consultation!