Choosing Breast Implants: Size and Shape

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Going forward with a breast augmentation surgery is exciting and life changing. But even though you might have decided that breast implants are the right choice for you, you have more things to consider. Just as women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes, breast implants also come in more than one shape and size. You will want to be sure that the implants you choose will work for both your body type and the look you would like to achieve. This is how you can choose the right breast implants for you.

Breast Implants Size & Shape

Types of Implants

There are two primary types of implants that you can choose from: saline or silicone gel. Both implants are safe to use and readily available and each one has pros and cons. Saline implants are a silicone shell filled with salt water. They are less natural feeling, but it is easy to detect a rupture. There is also the possibility of adjusting the size slightly post operatively if needed.

Silicone gel, also known as gummy bear breast implants, are more natural feeling and sustain a more natural shape. In the rare event that they rupture, however, it is more difficult to discover.

Your Body Type

One of the first and biggest considerations you need to make with breast implants is what will work for your body type. Dr. Pirani will help you determine how wide your chest is as well as the distance between your natural breasts to help you decide an appealing size and shape to match your needs. The doctor will also go over the amount of laxity in your skin and whether the desired size of implant can be covered with your tissue.

Don’t Think of a Cup Size

It is common to think that you have a cup size goal as far as breast implants do. But there are two considerations that make a goal cup size less important. To begin with, cup sizes vary from bra brand to bra brand. What is a C in one is a D in another. Additionally, a C cup on one woman might look larger than it would on another woman, depending on their natural size and shape. Looking at the volume you are going for is a better way to secure your choice.

The Right Shape

The two types of breast implant shapes to choose from are teardrop or round. Teardrop-shaped implants are considered more natural-looking and anatomically correct, but they have to be textured and placed to ensure they cannot rotate. Dr. Pirani will be able to discuss your shape options to help you select the right shape for your individual needs.

Consider your Goals

Before you come in for your consultation for breast augmentation, it is a good idea to figure out what your goals are for the procedure. Find pictures of celebrities who have the size and shape you would like and bring them to your consultation. Your surgeon will discuss your goals with you and work with you to find the perfect size and shape of breast implants for you.