A Woman’s Guide to Breast Augmentation

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There’s no need to be shy about wanting breast augmentation surgery. This plastic surgery procedure is one of the most common to be performed. It is usually achieved by inserting an implant over or under the muscles in the chest, but beneath the natural breast tissue.

You do need to understand that this isn’t a surgery that you will recover from overnight. You will need a little time to recover, and you will need to use pain medication and antibiotics after surgery.

Think it through

Knowing what you hope to see as an outcome is important. How would you like your breasts to look? Have you considered that they will be somewhat heavier after augmentation? Will they look right with your body shape? You needn’t answer all these questions in your own mind before seeing a surgeon. In fact, if you are unsure about what you want, discussing your options with a surgeon will likely give you a clearer idea.

Why do women choose breast augmentation surgery?

breast augmentation

There are several reasons why women may decide to opt for breast augmentation surgery:
• They would like to have bigger breasts.
• They hope to improve their clothed appearance.
• They have asymmetrical breasts.
• They would like to counter sagging (also see “breast lift”).
• They want to restore their appearance after a mastectomy.

Are you a candidate for plastic surgery?

Your overall health has to come first, so a surgeon will want access to your medical history and determine whether you are in sufficiently good health to undergo surgery safely.
Your surgeon will also explain the process and give you time to consider whether you will take the plunge. Be sure to ask any and all questions that occur to you so that you can get your plastic surgeon’s expert opinion on any concerns or questions you may have.

Have you chosen the best implant size?

breast implant size

You can also ask to see before and after pictures of women with figures similar to yours who have had breast augmentations. This will help you to gauge the end result better, giving you a clearer picture of what to expect. Age, weight and height should all be taken into account. Now you can see what different sizes of implants actually did to their body shape, allowing you to make a choice of implant size that you can be sure will suit you.

Ask your doctor what options are best for you and why

Size, shape, texture, the type of incision and the type of implant recommended for you (saline or silicone) are among the factors that will be under discussion. Your plastic surgeon will explain what options are open to you and what the implications of choosing them would be.

Consider costs

Surgery isn’t cheap. Most of the cost is based on the use of facilities and materials, while a small part goes to the surgeon as remuneration for his or her time. Be very careful of anyone offering “cheap” breast implants. A true professional would never advertise themselves as “cheap” and this is your body! Instead, look at ways to fit breast implant costs in to your budget without straining it unduly. If necessary, consider saving up a little before going ahead with the procedure.

Prepare for your surgery

Schedule your date and time with your surgeon, and ensure that you will have at least a week for recovery. Double-check what you will have to do to take care of yourself post-op, and enlist the help of a friend or family member to take care of you for the first couple of days. You will need someone to fetch you after your procedure, and this person will have to get your medication prescription filled and obtain all the necessary instructions on your behalf.