How to Choose Breast Implant Size

 In Breast Augmentation

The decision to get a breast implant is not a difficult one. However, when it comes to choosing the size of the implant, many women are uncertain. This is a rather big decision when it comes to plastic surgery, for it’s a relatively permanent change to your body as a woman. There are certain factors to consider when making up your mind regarding this.

Your Desire

Obviously, taking into account that you have already made the good decision to get breast implants, you have most likely envisioned yourself wearing them well. You surely have an idea of what you want to look like after the surgery. When going for a consultation with your doctor, you can often try the different sizes on to see what suits you best. These fake implants are known as sizers and they give the illusion that you have already had the surgery, therefore it’s easy to imagine how the different sizes will look. These sizers may give the illusion of this being an easy, straight forward decision, but there are more technical factors to consider.

Your Body Frame

This is important to take into account when choosing the size of your implant. If you naturally have a smaller frame, it is clear that you should not be going for a very large breast implant. Whereas if your frame is slightly bigger, you could get implants that are larger. Thankfully, there are limits set in place to avoid making mistakes regarding the width of your new breasts. The base width of the implants differs, meaning you can get a size that fits your frame. Also, it is vital to take into account your current breast size. Because your current breast tissue is needed to cover over the implant, if your breasts are too small there will simply not be enough tissue to cover over a large implant. Therefore, in such cases you would have to settle for smaller implants.

Your Lifestyle

Are you known for being a physically active person? Or do your breast implantshobbies include things more along the lines of shopping and pampering? These are essential questions to ask yourself before going for breast implants. Why is it important to look at your lifestyle? Because believe it or not your breasts play a big role in your day to day living. And if you are not used to having big knockers you might find keeping up with your usual routine challenging! Many woman experience grand growth in their boobs during pregnancy, but often they shrink back to their normal size after the baby is born. If you are planning to have children sometime soon, perhaps it is best to get the implants after your pregnancy.
There are many factors to consider, but the choice of getting a boob job is simple! If you are unhappy with your current breasts, what is stopping you? These safe procedures have left many women with lasting smiles on their faces. When it comes to choosing the size, take into account these factors and consult your doctor for advice. Remember, we weren’t all blessed with the perfect pair of breasts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them!