Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

 In Toronto Plastic Surgery Center

Women are not the only ones who wish to improve their physical appearance. In today’s world, the pressure on men to look good is exceptionally high. When diet and exercise just don’t seem to be cutting it, many men resort to The Toronto Plastic Surgery Center. The stereotypical view that only women should be doing this is an embarrassment to the society that we live in. Times are changing and plastic surgery has helped many men to improve their physical appearance and physique. And it has done this in more ways than one.

Different Procedures

As it is with women, the field of plastic surgery is vast. Many people with closed minds seem to think that the world of tummy tucks and liposuctions belong to women only. However, this is far from the male breast reductioncase. Men of all ages are getting plastic surgery done to improve their appearance or to reverse unwanted features. The most common male plastic surgery procedures include Blepharoplasty (otherwise known as eyelid rejuvenation), Neck lift surgeries, rhinoplasty (surgery which is done on the nose), chin augmentation, and, of course the well-known procedure, liposuction. When it comes to something like liposuction however, it cannot be viewed as merely a weight loss tool. It is an intensive surgery and it should only be considered if a healthy diet and exercise routine have not been successful in achieving the desired result.

All of these procedures have a different aim and they obtain different results. So although many men feel as though they do not need plastic surgery, once they review all the options they are bound to find something that would suit their body type. Many men have undergone a plastic surgery procedure known as Gynecomastia. Gynecomastia is male breast reduction. Although it may be subtle, if a man has any excess fat or skin on his breast it could cause him to feel less masculine. And today, there is no need to feel feminine because of something so insignificant – with one simple surgery you could have the masculine chest of your dreams. There is the example of a 14-year-old boy who underwent a surgical procedure which involved ultrasonic-assisted liposuction and direct excision of gynecomastia. Although a small amount of just 50cc of fat was removed, after only six months this boy looked far more masculine than before. His so-called “man-boobs” were a thing of the past.

Different Ages

Men of all ages seek out plastic surgery. Boys in their teen years often need plastic surgery if something is wrong with them because of health issues. This can help many young men avoid the horrors of bullying and a low self-esteem through their young years. It is even more common in men over the age of 40 to result to plastic surgery to reverse the effects of aging. As is the case with women, all ages can have plastic surgery.

The society that we live in is changing, and so is the world of plastic surgery. Male plastic surgery procedures are enhancing every day. Many of these surgeries have changed men’s lives, leaving them feeling younger, healthier and more confident.