The Health Benefits of Rhinoplasty

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Rhinoplasty is a procedure that is meant to improve your appearance and function of your nose. As there are many reasons to why you would choose to proceed with a Rhinoplasty, you may find that you have the option between going with a non-surgical and surgical Rhinoplasty procedure, both of which have health benefits. While a non-surgical Rhinoplasty will not reduce the size of your nose, it can make your nose appear smaller through its small adjustments. Even more importantly, however, the procedure can improve your health. Here’s how.

Rhynoplasty & Nose Surgery

A non-surgical Rhinoplasty can add volume to your nose

If you suffer from an asymmetrical nose or nasal passage, receiving dermal filler in the hollows of your nose will increase the volume of your nose, while making it symmetrical. The reduction of irregularities can help improve your breathing and reduce the amount you snore. Better sleep means a longer and healthier life.

Helps eliminate snoring

As snoring is listed as one of the most common concerns for married couples and a sinus surgery may be more than you need, having non-surgical Rhinoplasty can reduce or even eliminate snoring. Snoring can be a sign of disrupted sleep or sinus issues as well, so if you can stop snoring, you may find that you see improvements in your overall health and well-being.

May help your nasal passages

If you are one of the many sufferers of sinus problems, a non-surgical Rhinoplasty can help prevent chronic sinusitis, reducing the amount of sinus pain and pressure that you may be suffering from.

You will not need general anesthesia

If your nasal concerns can be addressed without having a surgical Rhinoplasty, you would not have to go through with a full surgical experience, meaning you will not have to go under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is effective for surgery, but it does force you to take time off from your daily routine. With a non-surgical procedure, you will be up faster and onto the road of recovery instantly.

Improved confidence

Having your confidence and self-esteem improve will absolutely boost your overall health. You may find that even after a non-surgical procedure, your concerns about how your nose is viewed or received will have gone up dramatically. While a non-surgical procedure is not going to reduce the size of your nose, it can provide a more contoured and symmetrical result, building up how you view your nose.

Confidence can be a huge factor in how you perform in your daily life, which may be improved following a non-surgical Rhinoplasty, allowing you to accomplish tasks that you may have been otherwise avoiding due to how you felt about your own appearance. In addition to this, even though both have their own benefits, a non-surgical Rhinoplasty will not take time away from your busy schedule, allowing you to look and feel the best you can, with no disruptions to your daily schedule.

Regardless of your reason for needing a Rhinoplasty, having the option to have a non-surgical Rhinoplasty will mean a faster recovery time and quicker results. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty is not an option for everyone and a standard surgical Rhinoplasty will provide the most definitive results, but either way you will find yourself feeling better about your facial appearance.