Why Choose Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

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Deciding on a cosmetic procedure requires a lot of thought and consideration. Thankfully, Dr. Pirani offers non-surgical procedures to help make the decision easier for you and still reach the changes you are looking for. Non-surgical procedures use a variety of products and techniques to correct cosmetic concerns without the time and risks that come with surgical procedures. The popularity of non-surgical procedures has gone up over the past few years for a variety of reasons, all of which you should consider when making a decision about a cosmetic procedure.

This is why you should consider non-surgical cosmetic procedures if you can

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1. Non-surgical procedures are less invasive. Surgery, including cosmetic surgery, means that you will need anesthesia, recovery time, and surgical incisions that can interrupt your daily schedule. Some non-surgical procedures, such as a non-surgical nose job, can be performed on your lunch hour, allowing you to have a procedure done without drawing attention to the changes. The recovery time is also minimal, keeping you on your feet and going. Surgical procedures typically result in swelling and some pain, requiring you to take some time off from work

2. They are not always permanent. Non-surgical procedures, including Botox  and other fillings, will dissolve over time. This does mean you will have to go in later to have it repeated if you desire, but it also means that if you were not completely satisfied with the appearance or if you are uncertain of what you want, you are not locked in for life. Non-surgical procedures can remove the fear of surgery but still let you reach your desired results.

3. Scarring is uncommon. Non-surgical procedures usually will not result in any permanent marks, leaving the treatment area looking natural and unscathed. As the technology of non-surgical procedures has advanced, they have become more accessible and easily administered, becoming the preferred method over traditional cosmetic surgery.

4. Non-surgical procedures are less expensive. Because there is less involved in the treatment and the recovery, non-surgical options are less expensive than surgical cosmetic procedures, making the procedures easier on the wallet. Depending on your desired result, the procedure may be easier to budget for you, when a traditional cosmetic procedure would have been out of your price range. If you need a larger procedure done, it may be more cost effective for you to skip the non-surgical procedure and go for the traditional surgical method of treatment.

5. They are capable of a lot. A common misconception with non-surgical cosmetic procedures is that they are really only capable of minor corrections. In reality, many non-surgical options can achieve incredible results, if the patient’s needs qualify for them. The procedure may seem minimal, but the results can be huge. The expectation of the procedure does need to be realistic, however, understanding what a non-surgical procedure is actually capable of doing. Dr. Pirani will be able to go over any non-surgical procedure options that are available to you and help you reach your desired end result.