A Complete Guide to Mommy Tuck

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The tummy tuck, by no means a new cosmetic surgery procedure, is getting itself a new name: the mommy tuck. That’s because young moms, no matter how fit or how slim they are, have trouble with stretched skin over the stomach area, particularly after their second child (and sometimes, even after the first). The skin just doesn’t bounce back no matter how many lotions and creams they try or how hard they exercise.

Would you consider a mommy tuck? Not without researching all the facts first. Here’s what you need to know about the mommy tuck procedure.


It’s more common than you think

Before you get embarrassed about even thinking about a mommy tuck, there’s something you should know. This procedure has gained enormous popularity in recent years. In the US, the frequency of mommy tucks has increased by 88.7 percent in the last decade and a half. There’s no need to be ashamed about your desire to get your body back!

How the procedure works

There are several variations of the tummy tuck or mommy tuck. The commonest is achieved by making a bikini line incision, and another around the navel and down to the horizontal cut. Depending on your needs, the horizontal incision can be just a few inches long, or it can be right across the abdomen.

If there is excess fat to be removes or if, as is often the case, the abdominal muscles need repair, this is done before the skin flap is stretched tight and excess skin is removed. The mini tuck is much less extensive, and deals with the pouch that forms beneath the belly button. Other variations include using liposuction to remove and contour fat.

After surgery

You may need a tube under the skin to drain away blood and fluid during the first week after surgery. However, you should also expect the need for some recovery time in which you will not be able to follow your usual routine or participate in regular activities.

Depending on the type of mommy tuck you had, you should expect to need time off work, and you will not be able to drive your car.  Ensure that there is someone to take care of you, especially during the first couple of days.

Don’t be alarmed if there is some swelling after surgery. This is normal, and it subsides after a few weeks.

Understand your procedure fully

The best way to gain a full understanding of your procedure is to get individualized advice from a plastic surgeon. He or she will talk you through what the procedure would consist of in your case, and what you can expect from your recovery.

Knowing exactly what you should expect if you opt for a mommy tuck will help you to decide whether this procedure is for you. It’s an important decision that only you can make and that should ideally only be considered when your family is complete. All the same, women who have had this procedure report that they considered it well worthwhile.