What Can Juvederm be Used For?

 In Facial Fillers

If this question interests you, it’s because you’ve hear of the remarkable results that can be achieved without any surgery when using Juvederm. In case you haven’t, let’s begin with a short description of the product that’s turning back the clock for men and women around the world.

Simply put, Juvederm is a skin filler that is injected into the skin to restore volume. It’s based on a naturally occurring compound known as hyaluronic acid, so it can’t trigger allergies or have adverse effects. Although the filler itself isn’t permanent, it stimulates collagen production, helping you to look younger even after it has stopped working.

Turning to what Juvederm is used for, there are multiple uses, including:


1. Reducing frown lines: Frown lines cause people to look stern, and they often cause a severe loss of confidence when they deepen. Previously, Botox was the only non-surgical treatment, but now Juvederm does the trick neatly.

2. Wrinkles around eyes: Nothing gives away one’s age more effectively, or has a greater premature ageing effect than the wrinkles and lines surrounding our eyes. Again, Juvederm offers a solution.

3. Deep tear troughs around the eyes: These hollows or depressions can make a person look worn-out and somewhat haggard, but Juvederm reduces them markedly.

4. Nasolabial folds and lines: The lines between the nose and the lips are natural, but as we age, they deepen considerably, becoming a very noticeable feature of our faces.

5. An irregular jaw contour: It’s a subtle change that yields sensational results. Smoothing the jaw contour can really enhance one’s overall appearance.

6. Poorly defined, thin or deflated lips: Some of us naturally have thin lips while others lose lip volume as they age. Whatever the reason, well-defined, plump lips are unconsciously perceived as a sign of youth and beauty. Improving the appearance of lips is one of the most popular reasons for choosing Juvederm.

7. Lost volume in the cheeks: Again, this is a visible sign of ageing, but you may feel younger than you look. Now you can restore a youthful look by restoring cheek volume.

8. Chin augmentation: If your chin is overly small, your face may seem out of proportion. The problem is easily corrected with the help of Juvederm and your cosmetic surgeon.

9. Prominent veins and tendons on the hands: Dermal fillers such as Juvederm can even make your hands look younger by plumping out the tissues.

What should you do if you want the benefits of Juvederm?

If you think skin fillers could help you to improve your appearance, you should consult a certified cosmetic surgeon to inquire into the procedure. Your medical professional can tell you whether Juvederm will help you to achieve the results you want, or whether you should consider a different approach in order to achieve your goals. Enhancing your image could take as little as a few minutes of your time with a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure.