The Growing Popularity of Upper Arm Lifts

 In Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

An upper arm lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which the excess fat and skin in the upper arm area is removed and tightened in order to give a more toned appearance. Saggy skin or drooping fat pockets on the upper arm can play a big role in making you look – and feel – older and less attractive in short-sleeved or sleeveless fashions. With these styles coming back into vogue, many men and women are feeling inspired to achieve toned, youthful looking arms.

Upper Arm Lifts

In fact, the pressure is so high that upper arm lifts are the fastest growing cosmetic procedure in North America, with an impressive increase of over 4000% since the year 2000! Almost 15 000 procedures were performed in 2012, up from only a reported 300 twelve years earlier.

While many attribute this staggering climb in numbers to factors like celebrity influence, experts assert that the real motivating factor is the success of the procedure itself.

There is no doubt that the well-toned arms of public figures like Michelle Obama, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Aniston, and Demi Moore contribute to increased awareness of the upper arm as a potential problem area, as the influence of celebrities on cosmetic surgery trends has always been high. However, many cosmetic surgeons believe that much of the upswing in upper arm procedures is due to the increased numbers of people turning to – and finding success with – new weight loss programs.

Following significant weight loss, there are two parts of the body that typically cause patients concern due to stubborn fat pockets and loose, stretched out skin. These areas are the abdomen and the upper arms. Fat pockets and loose skin are notoriously difficult to correct through diet and exercise alone, but can greatly impact the perceived success of a diet plan or weight loss program. By turning to cosmetic procedures, patients are able to achieve the results they desire without becoming discouraged from their healthy lifestyle.

A simple, effective procedure, the upper arm lift is gaining popularity partially through word of mouth: because it is so often a successful procedure, those who have had it done cannot help but speak highly of it to their closest friends and family. Once word of mouth begins to build, coupled with the influence of sleeveless fashions and celebrity example, it is only a matter of time before a specific cosmetic trend explodes into the mainstream!

Whether you’ve lost weight or are experiencing loose under arm skin as a result of the natural aging process, talk to us today! We’ve performed numerous upper arm lifts and have left our patients happy and properly healed each and every time.

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