Will Breast Implants Sag Over Time?

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A leading concern for breast implant patients is the potential for their breasts to sag over time with the implants inside. While this is a common concern for patients visiting our offices, it’s important that they find out the techniques that specialists can use to minimize the breast implant sagging of their patients.

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Within this post, we’re examining the question:  “Will my breast implants sag over time?”

Expert Surgeons Can Reduce Sagging

While some patients have experienced significant breast implant sagging after their breast augmentation, this sagging is often the result of improper placement of the implant by the surgeon. Significant sagging can occur when the surgeon places the implant too low on the body. This happens when the inframammary crease is crossed by the implant during the surgery, causing the implant to “bottom out” and sink over time.

Another issue occurs when the surgeon leaves a wide opening at the bottom of the chest muscle in which the implant is then placed. This wide opening can then cause the implant to sag below the muscle. This is a particular issue for patients with very little breast tissue and thin skin, which is more prone to stretching over time.

Precise Selection of Breast Implant Options Required

Many women who have found that their breast implants have sagged over time have also discovered that the implant they chose was too large for their frame. They may have also chosen to forgo a breast lift alongside their augmentation, which might have been recommended by their specialist.

Oftentimes, patients with significant sagging before their procedure will be advised to undergo a breast lift if they wish to retain the optimal positioning of their breast implant over many years.

Natural Sagging Can Occur

While most forms of sagging can be prevented through effective selection of the breast implant specialist, as well as close consultation on breast implant sizing options, there are natural reasons behind some instances of implant sagging.

For example, women may find that their breast implants are sagging as a result of the changes to their body during pregnancy. Significant weight loss around the breast area can also result in implant sagging, as there will now be excess skin around the implant. It’s important to talk with a specialist about these concerns in order to form a treatment approach that will mitigate these types of natural sagging issues. Oftentimes, the surgeon can perform a breast lift that will help retain implant position in spite of the natural changes to the body over time.

By communicating effectively with trusted cosmetic specialists, patients can reduce breast implant sagging issues years after the procedure. To learn more on this topic, speak with one of our experts directly.