What To Avoid After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Many women turn to breast augmentation surgery as a solution if they are dissatisfied with the shape of their breasts. Feeling and looking beautiful is important for any person, but if you have just undergone breast augmentation surgery, you should be aware of what you can and cannot do post surgery to ensure that your recovery period allows for your body to heal successfully.

You can:

  • Eat anything you would normally consume
  • Return to work, provided it is not an active position
  • Sleep on your back
  • Lift weights up to 5 lbs for the first two weeks post surgery
  • Lift your arm to shoulder level during the first two weeks post surgery
  • Have a breast massage as advised by your doctor

You should avoid:

  • Sleeping on your sides or stomach or at least six weeks post surgery
  • Taking part in any strenuous activity like running or jumping that could cause your breasts to bounce, leading to your implants potentially getting dislodged or even opening the wound.
  • Lifting up your arms above your head or pull up your breasts to check how your scars or breasts look like. This could lead to the wounds breaking open.
  • Having a bath for two weeks post surgery. You can have a shower after a few days post surgery (talk to your doctor about this), but ensure that your wounds and dressings are kept dry by using a hairdryer on low setting.
  • Getting your wounds wet for the first few days post surgery. Your doctor can advise you better on the time frame. Your doctor will also inform you if a waterproof bandage has been used, which would protect your wound from getting wet.
  • Wearing an underwire or push up bra that could stop your wounds from healing for at least six weeks post surgery. Dr. Pirani will advise you more on the matter.
  • Taking off your surgical bra, unless advised by your doctor.

breast augmentation post op

Your implants will take time to settle in, and the recovery process usually takes up to 3 months. As time passes, you will notice a change in your implants as they fall into position. You should continue wearing your surgical bra during both day and night for 2 weeks up to a month post your surgery.

Your bra size will be more accurate after at least a month after your breast augmentation surgery, so we would advise you to avoid going shopping for new bras until the healing period is over.

It may be tempting to continue with any exercise regime you may have had prior to surgery, but you should avoid any strenuous exercise and this includes any form of sexual activities as well for at least two weeks. After this time frame, you can start with low impact cardio exercises, and after six weeks have passed, you can resume your exercise regime as normal. As always, check with Dr. Pirani if you wish to start any physical activities after your breast augmentation surgery.

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