Botox Used to Treat More Than Just Wrinkles

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Most people think that Botox is only used to smooth out wrinkles, but although it does this very effectively, that is by far not the only use for Botox. In some cases, it can provide relief from some very uncomfortable or embarrassing conditions, and many people have discovered that the health benefits of Botox go beyond the confidence it gives you from knowing your skin looks younger and fresher.

Providing relief during recovery from neck muscle injury

Whiplash: it’s a very painful injury, and healing takes some time. Although Botox can’t cure whiplash, it can provide pain relief by relaxing the muscles in the neck and upper back. Meanwhile patients will continue with their physical therapy. Meanwhile Botox provides some much needed pain relief by relaxing spasming muscles. Researchers are currently looking into Botox as a means of relieving joint pain, but results are still forthcoming.

A cure for migraine?

Botox Injections

There are several theories on what causes migraines causes migraines, and different people seem to get them for different reasons, but if your migraines are caused by back or neck muscle spasms, Botox could prevent your migraines for several months at a time.

Restoring the voice in spasmodic dysphonia

Although spasmodic dysphonia is a rare condition, and by no means life-threatening, it causes a great deal of distress to those who suffer from it. An overly tense muscle in the vocal cords literally chokes the voice, making the sufferer talk in a strangled way. By injecting Botox into that muscle to relax it, the problem is solved, at least for the next 3 – 12 months, and the person is able to speak normally again.

In addition, people with a quavering voice or who tend to produce too much saliva can be helped using Botox.

Chronically sweaty palms

Imagine if your palms were to sweat so much that the perspiration literally pours of them. That’s exactly what those who suffer from a condition known as hyperhydrosis experience. The cause is a malfunction of the glands that tell our bodies where to sweat and how much to sweat. There is a surgical option, but most people are able to get by with a non-invasive Botox shot every six months or so.

Hyperhydrosis can also affect the soles of the feet or the armpits, but a Botox shot seems to block the neurotransmitter that that tells the sweat glands to pump out excessive amounts of sweat, saving people from having to consider surgery in order to solve their problem.

Reducing “gummy smile”

Overgrown gums can cause a person’s smile to be all gums – the so-called “gummy smile”. Few people are aware that Botox can actually cause the gums to appear less overgrown, minimizing the problem. Admittedly, this is a cosmetic rather than a medical issue, but you can imagine how much people benefit from having the confidence to smile broadly again!

Hands that turn purple and spasm in cold weather

When the weather turns colder, our blood vessels constrict, limiting the flow of blood to our extremities. But some people’s blood vessels constrict too much, causing the hands to turn purple and the muscles to spasm owing to insufficient blood flow. Botox relaxes the muscles that are constricting the blood vessels, allowing proper circulation and providing relief.

More than “just” a wrinkle treatment

Botox is a truly remarkable medication that not only helps people to feel better about the way they look, but also helps those with certain medical conditions, providing desperately needed relief from discomfort.

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