Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

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For many of us, looking and feeling our absolute best means we have to cheat nature – at least a little. How are people changing their appearance, and which are the most popular plastic surgery procedures? We take a closer look at the things that seem to matter most to people hoping to improve their physical appearance through surgery.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

1. Breast augmentation

Breasts that seem too small, unevenly shaped or sized breasts or reconstruction after a mastectomy are among the reasons why women choose breast augmentation surgery. The amount of confidence they can gain as a result can significantly improve self-image and quality of life.

2. Rhinoplasty

Also known as a “nose job”, it’s no wonder that this procedure is among those most commonly chosen. After all, your nose is a focal point right in the middle of your face. If the size or shape of your nose is affecting your confidence, a rhinoplasty can set things to rights. Rhinoplasties range from radical reshaping to tiny tweaks that may seem barely noticeable, but improve overall looks.

3. Eyelid surgery

Baggy eyes with loose skin around the eyelids can be fixed once and for all with a blepharoplasty. Basically, the eyelids are reshaped so that the skin is smoother and tighter, but be aware that this does not address fine wrinkles.

4. Liposuction

When fat is so stubborn that no amount of dieting and exercise can rid you of it, you have one more option: liposuction. This is a relatively non-invasive form of surgery, and the improvement is immediately noticeable.

5. Tummy tuck

If you have lost a great deal of weight or had several pregnancies, the stretched skin doesn’t always bounce back as you would like it to. Tummy tuck surgery repairs the damage, making you look trim again. You’ll also feel better about your body and be able to wear a wider variety of clothing styles.

6. Facelift

As we age, skin and muscle starts to sag, but this insult of nature need no longer be borne with equanimity. Those who hope to tighten up facial skin and look years younger can choose a facelift procedure to roll back the years.

7. Breast lift

We love our babies and children, but they do age our bodies. Our breasts, once perky and neat, may tend to sag terribly after breast-feeding, but once again, we can choose to have the damage repaired. All it takes is a relatively minor surgery, and it becomes easier to feel good about our bodies again.

8. Dermabrasion

In dermabrasion, the upper layer of skin is removed with a special tool. Some people also call it “skin resurfacing”. It is most often used to make old acne scars less prominent. It also helps for reducing fine lines around the mouth, and can be used to reduce the enlarged nose that is a common effect of rosacea.

9. Otoplasty

Having large or prominent ears can be a real social handicap. As with many of the other slings and arrows of outrageous fortune cast at us by genetics, plastic surgery can solve the problem, making us feel more comfortable about our own appearance.

10. Forehead lift

Although Botox can be used successfully to reduce lines and wrinkles on the forehead, some people prefer a more permanent solution. One small surgery, and your forehead is once again smooth and unlined.