What Are The Benefits of Lip Augmentation

 In Non Surgical Procedures

Plump lips have always been viewed as a symbol of youth, fertility and sensuousness, and people who are born with thin lips or find that their lips have thinned over time; turn to Dr. Pirani for providing a quick and painless solution to their problem. Lip augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that will give you full and plump lips by injecting the area with dermal fillers. This non surgical procedure has many benefits that makes it an ideal and preferred choice for many and changes the appearance of your lips by adding volume, shape and structure.

Long lasting results

While the effects are not permanent, lip augmentation is a great way to see immediate results after a session. The effects can last for a year, after which you will need to touch up the area to maintain your youthful looking lips.

Less Downtime

When you opt for lip augmentation with Toronto’s lip augmentation expert Dr. Pirani, you can be assured that you won’t have to spend days recovering. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Pirani to discuss risks, complications, expected results and concerns. The initial consultation can take up to an hour, but the actual procedure itself can take as little as 15 – 20 minutes. Understanding that many patients have busy schedules, this can all take as much time as your short lunch break so that you can go straight back to work.

Better control over lip volume

Dr. Pirani will always be in control over how much filler needs to be injected, so you can be sure to get a shape that is perfect for you, instead of choosing a ‘one size fits all’ technique.

Natural look

Lip AugmentationMany patients choose lip augmentation with Dr. Pirani because of the natural looking result. Many women and men don’t want to seem like they had a procedure done, and the dermal filler that is used by Dr. Pirani ensures that your lips always retain their youthful and plump appearance, without making it look fake.

Gradual treatments

As many patients are not sure of how their lips would look after treatment, or are not sure of how plump they want their lips, can choose lip augmentation as the fillers can be gradually administered over time. Injections, given over a series of appointments can help you get the desired result until you are completely satisfied with the overall result.

Unlikely Allergic reactions

You should discuss any possible allergic reaction with Dr. Pirani in your initial consultation, so he can choose the best filler for you. However, hyaluronic fillers, which are used in the lip augmentation process, are unlikely to cause any allergic reactions as the ingredients are similar to what is found in your body.

Enhanced Appearance

For many people, the perfect smile can do wonders for your appearance and confidence. Fuller lips can help you boost your confidence in all situations, and this has proven to be the greatest overall benefit. Feel younger, Look younger, and smile better.