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If you have heard about the procedure known as fat transfer, but are wondering what it is about, look no further. Fat transfer is a surgical procedure where fat from one area of your body is removed and placed into another area of your body. This procedure is known as natural plastic surgery because the inserted fat is naturally produced by your body, rather than a foreign implant, which is why the procedure is growing in popularity. Here is what you need to know.

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Where it can be used

Fat transfer, which is also known as fat grafting, can be used in many places throughout your body. Removing stubborn fat from problem areas can then add fullness to your lips, cheeks, eyes, breasts, and even your buttocks. The goal is remove fat from the unwanted areas and help fill in other places you would like to be fuller.

The procedure itself

Because fat transfer is not like other fillers, it is a longer procedure. Instead of just filling in a space with an injectable medication, the doctor must first remove the unwanted fat using a gentle liposuction technique and then inject the removed fat into the place you would like filled. Realistically, the procedure is like two procedures in one, which will make it take longer than other cosmetic procedures. Whether you need general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic will depend on the areas that are being treated and the amount of fat that is being dealt with.

Side effects

With the fat transfer procedure, you may experience swelling and bruising in both the area that is losing the fat as well as the area that is receiving the fat. The swelling and bruising is only temporary, but can be expected because of the multiple areas that are being handled during the procedure.


Depending on the areas that are being treatment, the recovery time can take two to three weeks. The pain of the procedure is fairly minimal, but the areas can still be tender during the healing time. It still might take several weeks for you to see the final results that you were aiming for, as your body heals and adjusts to the fat transfer procedure. In some cases, you might need more than one procedure to reach your ultimate results, depending on your needs.

Understand and explain your expectations

Before you go into your consultation with Dr. Pirani, consider what you would like to achieve from a fat transfer procedure. If you have seen pictures of celebrities who have a physical attribute that you would like to achieve, make sure to bring a copy of the pictures with you in order to help explain what your goals for a fat transfer are.

Schedule your consultation

After you have done your research and have a good understanding of the procedure, schedule your appointment with Dr. Pirani. He will help you understand your options as well as what the realistic outcome for the procedure is for you.