What Is Restylane Used For?

 In Facial Procedures

Looking at celebrities like Angelina Jolie and most of the Kardashian clan, it’s hard not to covet their lips. How do they do it? It can’t just be good genes. There must be something more.
Fortunately for those born with thin lips, there usually is something more! That “something more” is often Restylane.

Restylane is a product that is used to give you plump, symmetrical and full lips. If your lips are thin or disproportionate, Restylane will give you a plumper pout. It’s a filler like Juvederm – which most people have heard of – that can use to enhance your lips and other areas of your face that have become hollow with age. Restylane can also restore volume in your cheekbones, giving you beautiful facial definition.

This product can correct even the severest of facial wrinkles and fill folds like:

  • The area in the corners of your mouth or ‘smile lines’
  • The area below the nose
  • The area above the upper lip
  • The area that extends from your mouth’s corners to the jawline – marionette lines

What is Restylane made of?

Restylane is actually a gel that is made of non-animal, cross-linked, hyaluronic acid. These materials will not harm you when they are injected into your face and create smooth, wrinkle-free skin that will make you look fresh and younger.

What does Restylane do?

Restylane can plump and define your lips, improve cavernous areas on your face. Basically, if there’s a line or wrinkle, this product will get rid of it, restoring your youthful contours.

How does it work?

Restylane is injected beneath the skin’s surface and integrates itself into your dermal tissue. It binds to the water molecules in your skin creating volume and filling hollow spaces.

When will I see the results?

This filler provides instantaneous results. Because Restylane quickly bonds with your skin, you will notice fuller, gorgeous lips immediately.

How long does Restylane last?

It usually lasts for six months. However, some patients have reported that their fillers lasted even longer. This really depends on the existing moisture you have in your skin, so stay hydrated before and after your injection procedure.

What does my body do with it?

Your body will gradually reduce your Restylane injection over time leading it to disappear naturally without any residue.

Is Restylane right for me?

Generally speaking, if you are in good health then this product is right for you. Due to its nature and the materials used in Restylane, this filler is safe and produces no side-effects. It’s best to sit down with Dr. Pirani for a consultation to discuss this procedure.