5 Reasons Why Winter Is The Best Time For Plastic Surgery

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As the winter chill comes in and Arctic blasts hit North America, you might not be considering what you look like. Winter season is when we bury ourselves in heavy jackets and thick sweaters, concealing much about our appearance. But, winter weather is also a great time for plastic surgery.

If you have not considered having your plastic surgery done in the winter, Dr. Pirani has 5 reasons why you should have it done then.


The Sun

The first reason why plastic surgery is better in the winter is because of sun exposure. Sutures and raw skin especially should not be exposed to the sun, because the pigments and scars will more visible than they would have been otherwise.

The intensity of UV rays can ruin the healing process while keeping your incisions aggravated and red. Luckily, in winter there is less sun exposure and more reason to stay indoors. When the weather does heat up again, make sure to use sunscreen to keep your skin protected.

Additionally, less sun means cooler days. It is much easier to heal when you are not overheated or dehydrated. Instead, you can snuggle up inside, and indulge in the comfort foods that are a sign of the season.

Time Off

Many companies allow for more time off over the holiday season or even just give it anyway. It is often slower because of so many people taking time off. Because of the weather, you are less likely to be asked to go anywhere as well.

Therefore, you can use the time you already have off and have your procedures done then. It is a great time to hangout inside and recover as well. Some procedures require 2 to 3 weeks before you would be able to return to work, so using the time that you already have off means that you will not need to give any explanations for the reason you need the time off.

Bulky Clothes

A lot of plastic surgery procedures involve sutures, incisions, swelling, and bruising. All of these can be noticeable in warmer weather when more skin is exposed.

Wintertime allows you to cover up whatever work that you had done with scarves, hats, heavy sweaters, and thick coats. If you had breast surgery and need to wear a compression garment, it will be well concealed under your winter clothing.

It will also be better to wear the compression garments when it is cold since they can be stifling in warmer temperatures.

Shake off S.A.D.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) affects many people. The grey skies and dreary days can really dampen the spirit for even those not affected by S.A.D.

Getting your plastic surgery during these months can help shake off the typical gloom and add some inspiration and life back into your days. Knowing that you are going to reach your goals is more exciting and gives you something better to look forward to than waiting all the way until spring to see something more uplifting.

You should also see your results coming about, allowing you to feel more optimistic about your own appearance while still boosting your confidence.

Summer Readiness

There is always talk about obtaining your summer or beach body. Yet, getting plastic surgery in summer months means missing out on showing off your body or making use of your new looks. Summer is also a season of weddings, reunions, and beach vacations.

If you get your plastic surgery in the winter rather than the summer, you should be healed well enough by the time summer hits that you will be completely ready and confident enough to show off your new body. Some procedures can take weeks or months to fully reach their potential. When you have the procedure done months before you want to show it off, you will have plenty of time to heal and recover.

If you have been considering moving forward with a plastic surgery procedure, you should schedule your consultation with Dr. Pirani right away. Then, you can have the procedure done during the cold months, when recovery will be ideal and the results well-timed.



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