Size, Shape and Placement: What You Need to Consider when Getting Implants

 In Breast Augmentation

The decision to undergo breast implant surgery can be a difficult one, but excellent results can dramatically improve your quality of life. Although choosing the right surgeon is the most important factor, there are several other things to consider when getting implants. Seemingly subtle differences in placement and size can drastically alter your desired look, so it’s important to do your research before committing to any cosmetic procedure.

Breast Implant Considerations

What Size is Best For Me?

Voluptuous breasts have become the epitome of ‘beauty’ for women around the world. However, aiming for the biggest breasts possible is a mistake many patients make. Bigger does not necessarily mean better!

It’s important to remember your overall body type and choose a size that is proportional to it. Not doing so can result in implants that look unnatural. The goal is to achieve results that are substantial, yet subtle enough to leave people wondering whether your breasts even had any work done at all. Breast implants that are too big can also result in chronic back pain down the line.

Which Shape Will Provide a More Natural Appearance?

Breast implant technology has come a long way. In the early days of augmentation surgery, ‘round’ implants were the only ones available to patients. Thus, this shape has become the most common. Unfortunately some round implants give a ‘ball-like’ effect to the breasts which can have an artificial look, especially in thin or small-framed women.

That’s why many patients are opting for a newer shape, known as ‘anatomical’ breast implants.

The anatomical implant (or ‘teardrop implant’) produces a more natural look by following the body’s natural lines. When you look at these breasts from the front, they’re oval in shape. However, from the side, you’ll notice there is much more volume at the bottom. Unlike the round shape, the upper portion of the breast will slope downwards — giving an overall more natural appearance.

What Are My Options For Placement?

Apart from size and shape considerations, the placement of your breasts is also extremely important. There are two options when it comes to placement: Sub-glandular or sub-muscular. Sub-glandular means the implant is placed under the breast tissue, but over the chest muscle.

Common benefits of this choice include:

  • Quicker recovery time
  • Potential for a less painful recovery
  • Makes implants easier to access in case of future re-operation needs

Meanwhile, sub-muscular placement means the implant is placed under or partially under your chest muscle. This type could decrease your risk of developing capsular contracture — which is a negative response of the immune system to foreign materials in the body.

To better understand your options and what would look best on you, contact Dr. Pirani today! All of your questions regarding size, shape, placement and procedures will be answered in a thorough consultation so you can finally get the body you’ve always desired.