How to Minimize Scarring After Breast Augmentation

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Breast augmentation can bring desirable results, but scarring is one of the side effects patients often have to deal with. Although the scars usually heal well, sometimes thick scars such as hypertrophic scars and keloids can develop.

Excise The Scar

Here are some ways patients can minimize scarring after breast augmentation:

Consult with a Professional Surgeon

Whenever you are seeking the services of a professional surgeon, ensure that they are certified. Certified surgeons have the requisite training to carry out surgery in the proper manner. This includes ensuring that the skin is properly closed after surgery. This is by no means a guarantee that excess scarring won’t occur, but it will minimize your chances because a properly trained professional will follow standard surgical procedures.

Also, look for a surgeon with a proven track record of successfully performing breast augmentation surgery. Many will have testimonials and even have before and after pictures from previous patients.

Silicone Ointments Can Help Reduce Scars

Silicone ointments and sheeting are a popular way for patients to reduce scars after surgery. It is recommended that they be used daily for best results. Silicone dressings and sheets usually only last for a few days before they need to be replaced.

Pressure Bandages Reduce Scars by Flattening Them

Pressure bandages also help to reduce scars by flattening them, thereby reducing their thickness. However it takes several months of daily use to see noticeable results.

Creams that Reduce Scar Tissue

Creams are another popular way in which people reduce their scar tissue. There are a variety of over-the-counter products so you have to choose which ones work best for you. You can also ask your surgeon or dermatologist for a recommendation. Scar Recovery Gel is one product you might want to explore.

Skin Resurfacing to Stimulate New Tissue Growth

Skin resurfacing is another option for dealing with scar tissue. Skin resurfacing can help to remove cells that have been affected by scarring and prompt the growth of new tissue that is more compatible with your natural skin tone.

Minor Surgery to Remove Scar Tissue

In some cases, minor surgery might be the best solution. The surgeon will excise the scar and re-close the incision.

There are many reliable ways to minimize scarring, so it’s worth exploring your options. Remember to consult with your surgeon or doctor before trying any of these methods.