8 Things You Should Not Do Right After Botox Treatment

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Once you’ve decided to receive a Botox treatment, it is important to take proper care of yourself after in order to receive the best results. While the process varies depending on the area you’ve received treatment, and your particular body, there are eight things that are very important to avoid following treatment in order to ensure you receive the best possible results.

These are 8 things that you should avoid following your treatment:

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1. Touching: It is vital to avoid touching the area you received your Botox in the 24 hours following your treatment. A Botox injection is precisely administered to achieve the desired effects, and touching could result in it moving to unintended muscles.

2. Alcohol and Painkillers: Certain drugs, such as aspirin, along with alcohol should be avoided as they can cause your blood to thin and cause excess bleeding. Depending on how quickly you recover, aspirin and alcohol are recommended to be avoided for 48 hours following treatment.

3. Careless Sleeping: It is recommended to avoid the horizontal position for about four hours following your Botox injection to allow the treatment to properly settle within your body and to look how your provider intended it to look. Not only this, when you go to sleep in the immediate days following your treatment, try to sleep on your back to have the best possible results.

4. Exercise: There are few times when a doctor will advise against an active lifestyle, but following a Botox treatment, it is important to avoid any strenuous activity. You should be able to return to your regular exercise regimen usually after a couple days, but some people take it easy for up to a week after Botox.

5. Facials: Facials, along with chemical peels and other face treatments can interfere with your Botox injection, causing it to end up with undesirable results. Plan to do these treatments at least 24 hours after receiving a Botox injection.

6. Travel: It is important to stay in touch with and within reach of your doctor following a Botox treatment. That way, in the event that you experience any unexpected side effects, you’ll be able to visit the doctor who administered the treatment to help remedy any issue.

7. Schedule Photos: While you may be excited by your rejuvenated appearance following a Botox treatment, some people experience bruising which can take a week or so to go away, depending on the individual. So, give it a week or two following to make sure that you’re looking your very best post your treatment.

8. Settling: If you aren’t happy with your results, talk to Dr. Pirani about what may have happened or what you would prefer. We want to make sure every patient has a treatment that they are proud of and are happy with the way they look. If you don’t like what you see, or are afraid the Botox may have shifted, talk to us so we can make sure you look and feel your best.

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