Mommy Makeover Procedures

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Having children is one of the most wonderful life-experiences a couple can have, but poor mommy gets to bear the brunt of a great many physical changes, and sometimes, the body doesn’t bounce back as well as she may have hoped. That’s why “mommy makeovers” are becoming so popular, but they aren’t just one type of surgery. Mommy makeovers are a combination of surgeries aimed at undoing the damage that baby did.

A consultation with your Toronto cosmetic surgeon will clarify which combination is right for you, but perhaps you will already see which procedures you would like to look into by reading this list.

Breast lift (mastopexy)

breast lift

A breast lift is a relatively minor procedure that tightens up stretched skin, restoring the breasts to their former position. Sometimes, it is combined with a slight breast augmentation or breast reduction to restore the appearance of the breasts to pre-baby days or even to change the breasts’ appearance to match desired breast size.

A breast lift raises the nipple position and gives the breasts a rounder appearance. The size of the areola can also be reduced during the procedure if desired. The location and size of the incision varies according to the patient’s specific circumstances and needs, but the surgeon will make incisions in such a way that any scarring is unobtrusive.

Tummy tuck

tummy tuck surgery

When childbirth leaves your tummy looking flabby, the tummy tuck solves the problem. The inner girdle of connective tissue as well as the muscles and skin have been stretched, but an abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can remove the excess skin and repair the underlying connective tissue. A bikini line incision is made, the connective tissue is tightened, and the skin is repositioned. This procedure leaves a scar, but it is very unobtrusive.



Baby weight isn’t always easy to lose, even when diet and exercise are just right. Liposuction is often used as part of a mommy makeover, often on the thighs and hips. Only tiny incisions are needed, and the tiny scars fade quickly. A hollow rod is inserted to make a channel in the fat layer and suction is applied to remove the fat. Liposuction makes a significant change in your appearance and should help to rebuild body confidence.

Facial treatments

Botox Injections

Although having a baby doesn’t affect the appearance of your face, many women use their mommy makeover opportunity to touch up a few facial characteristics that have been troubling them. This can range from non-surgical procedures like Botox or dermal fillers to reduce lines and wrinkles to a full face lift. It just depends what the patient wants to achieve.

Where to begin?

Moms who are struggling with their body confidence after childbirth can visit a cosmetic surgeon to discover what their particular options are. A doctor will explain each procedure in your context, and will inform you of any implications or risks you may not have considered. It’s also your opportunity to ask questions and get information that’s specific to you. Now you have time to think things over and decide which combination of procedures you want to go ahead with. We love our kids, but losing body confidence can be a serious blow for moms. It doesn’t have to be that way!