What’s The Difference Between Under-Muscle And Above-Muscle Breast Implants?

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There are a few key variables for breast implants. If you’re considering getting implants, you might already be thinking about the size that you would like, and whether to choose saline or silicone filled implants.

Under Muscle VS Above Muscle Implants

However there is another important choice to consider before your augmentation, and that’s whether to have them placed under the muscles in your chest, or over the muscles.

Placing implants below the muscle yields the best results for most women, but in some certain cases, the above-muscle approach is preferred.

Under-Muscle Breast Implants

This type of breast implant procedure is also called a sub-pectoral augmentation. There are a number of advantages that make under-muscle breast implants preferable in many situations.

    • More natural feel and appearance

The implant is concealed by more of your own natural tissue, so your breasts will still feel natural.

    • Mammograms are easier and more accurate

Sometimes, an implant can get in the way of a mammogram when it is over the muscle. Having an under-muscle implant will help doctors read your scans more clearly.

    • Reduced risk of tough scar tissue

“Capsular Contracture” refers to a kind of thick scarring that can surround an implant. This is more prominently seen in above-muscle implants.

    • Reduced risk of rippling appearance on the skin

Some implants can have a rippled texture along the edge. With more glandular and muscle tissue concealing the implant, this will not be detectable.

Over-Muscle Breast Implants

Even though this type of procedure is less common, it still has situations where it works well or is preferable.

    • Heavy weight lifting

Since the chest muscles tighten and contract when you move them, they can press on the implants. This is not a major issue for most women in their day-to-day lives. However, bodybuilders or other people with highly developed chest muscles may prefer over-muscle implants

    • Ample existing Breast tissue

If you already have sufficient breast tissue to cover the implants, then they can be well concealed without having to go under the muscles.

Dual Plane Breast Implants

Although it’s little known, there is actually a third choice that some surgeons use! This method combines both over and under-breast techniques. The upper portion of the implant is placed beneath the muscles, but the lower part is in-between the muscle and the breast tissue.

    • Natural contour

The lower portion of the breast will have a nice curved shape which will close resemble the contour of naturally large breasts.

    • Concealment where it counts

Over-muscle implants are more likely to be visible in the upper area of the breast. By concealing the upper portion of the implant under the muscle, this part will look and feel more natural.

Your surgeon will be able to guide you on which option they feel is best. To understand your options and get a better idea of what your implants might look like, contact the office of Dr. Pirani for a consultation today!