7 Conditions That Botox May Help Treat

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Botox is the real alternate to the fabled fountain of youth, but you will be mistaken if you think that Botox  is only for those who want to hide signs of aging.

In reality, Botox is used to treat a number of medical conditions. Let’s leave wrinkle free treatments behind, and find out what North America’s No. 1 cosmetic procedure can cure apart from treating frown lines and crow’s feet.

Botox Injections

1) Depression

Your facial expressions reveal more than just your mood, they can actually regulate it. When Botox is used to relax the muscles, it also reduces certain tell-tale signs of depression, which help to project a more positive attitude. How you look and how you feel are two very inter-connected points, and when you look good, you feel good. This reasoning has helped many people with their depression.

2) Chronic Migraines

For people who have gone down the normal routine of popping some pills to relieve the pain, dimming the lights and trying to catch a nap or two, find that none of the mentioned routines are working, their doctor may recommend Botox as a viable solution.

3) Hyperhidrosis

Also known as excessive sweating, if you are one of the many unfortunate people who find that their underarms have more running streams of liquid that the creek near your home, may need to seek medical treatment of which Botox has proven to be an effective solution. Excessive sweating can cause embarrassment, loss of confidence in many social and professional settings, and Botox injections for your underarms can help keep that sweaty mess at bay for up to two years.

4) Uncontrolled Eye Spasms/ Blinking

Eye Dystonia has no known cure as such, but sleep and focusing on one task can help subside the uncontrolled blinking. When Botox is injected to your eyelid’s muscles, the muscles are frozen in place, preventing those sporadic involuntary blinking to stop for a certain period of time.

5) Overactive bladder

Your daily activities and routine can take a hit if your bladder is out of control. You can’t always be near a washroom, especially when you are in middle of an important meeting or task. If other medications haven’t worked out for you, Botox can help control your overactive bladder to calm down. Botox paralyzes the muscle it is targeted, helping you enjoy several months of bladder free problems.

6) Strabimus

You can’t hide your crossed eyes if you suffer from this condition. Fortunately, Botox has been used to correct this problem for over 40 years. Proven to be a safe yet effective method, Botox helps in correcting your eye’s position. You should remember though, that this procedure should be done by only a qualified professional.

7) Involuntary Neck Muscle Contractions or Cervical Dystonia

This neurological condition created awkward neck and head postures and can cause acute pain due to pinched nerves in the neck muscles. Botox has been proven to be the most effective solution to this problem.