Face Procedures To Look Younger

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As we get older, it gets harder to ignore the signs of aging. From wrinkles that form around your lips, or laughter lines and crow’s feet to even sagging skin, these all can add years to our faces. Fortunately, there are many face procedures that can turn back the clock.

Face Procedures To Look Younger

Brow Lift:

The skin tissues around your eyes can sag with age, and a brow lift will ‘lift’ the skin around that area by a few millimetres, resulting in a more youthful visage.

Face Lift:

Time leaves its mark on our faces, with nature as well as stress from our daily lives taking its toll on our face. Skin tends to droop with age, and this is even more visible on our faces, which is usually the first part of our body noticed by anyone. If you notice saggy cheeks, droopy facial skin or lines around your mouth area and cheeks, then a facelift may be the solution to your problem.

Neck Lift:

The effects of the sun, stress and age can leave it’s tell tale marks on our neck. Your face may look youthful, but a saggy neck can give the impression that you are older than your actual years. If you notice that you have saggy skin in your neck area, a neck lift procedure may be just the thing you need to reverse the changes inflicted with time.

Eyelid Surgery:

The tissue around our eyelids is softer, and can be a very visible representation of the negative changes our face undergoes with time. We tend to lose volume in our faces, and this can result in thinning skin which could lead to dark circles. The soft skin tissue could also begin to stop fighting gravity and sag, giving you a permanently droopy look. If you notice these changes or find that you have ‘bags’ under your eyes, it may be time for an eyelid surgery, where Dr. Pirani will remove any excess skin and fat, reposition fat or tighten the tissues to give you a more youthful look.

Facial Liposuction:

This common cosmetic procedure targets facial fat in your cheeks, chin, jaw line and neck. We tend to gain weight with time, and if you have gone through weight loss, but notice that your face still holds excess facial fat and exercise doesn’t seem to help, a facial liposuction could help you to get the face you want.

Mole, skin tags, and cyst removal:

Other signs of aging include moles, skin tags and more that seem to pop up as time goes by. Skin lesions and facial scars can detract from your appearance. Removal of these skin lesions and scar visibility reduction can do wonders for your confidence and can make you look years younger.

Chin Augmentation:

Often overlooked, your chin is a very important facial feature, especially when it comes to overall facial balance. You can opt for fillers like Juvederm or can opt for silicone implants to get the chin you always wanted, which will help give a more definite profile to your face, making it look younger.

Cheek Augmentation:

We lose volume in our faces as time goes by, and Dr. Pirani can correct this by using dermal fillers, fat grafting techniques or even implants. If your cheeks have noticeable volume loss, it can make you look years older.