Chin Augmentation FAQs

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What is a chin augmentation?

A chin augmentation surgery is also called a chin implant surgery. This is where an implant is placed through a tiny incision. The implant can be placed externally, below the chin, or from the inside of the mouth and rested on the bone securely. It is a great way to have dramatic results to your profile without being obvious.

Am I a good candidate for chin augmentation?

If you are wondering whether you are a good candidate for a chin augmentation, you can start by having a profile photograph taken of you. You can see whether your chin is symmetrical with your face. Generally, your chin should project beyond an imaginary line from the tip of your nose down to the lower lip when viewing your profile. For men, an implant can add a sense of masculinity to the face. For women, it can add more symmetry to the face.

What are chin implants made of?

Chin implants are made out of silicone.

Can a chin implant be removed?

Yes, if you are unhappy with your implant or have any concerns, it can be removed. Since the implant is made out of silicone, it is not secured to your bone and can be taken out in an outpatient procedure.

Can I shave my chin implant?

For men, the question of whether an implant can be shaved comes up. If the implant is placed from within the mouth, your ability to shave will not be affected since there will be no external incision. If the implant is placed below the chin, there is a risk that the scar from the incision could interfere with shaving. While it heals, you will just need to be careful not to harm the scar or the treated area.

What is the procedure like?

A chin augmentation is a short procedure and can normally be performed in less than an hour. Unless the procedure is done in combination with another procedure, you can have it done with local anaesthesia. The incision will either be on the inside, if it is placed from your mouth’s interior, or on the outside. The incision itself will be about two centimetres long. If it is on the outside, the incision should be well-hidden.

What is the recovery for a chin augmentation?

Following a chin augmentation, you will most likely experience some swelling and pain in your chin that will subside in a few days. Normally, people can have the procedure done at the end of a workweek and still be able to return to work on Monday without any adverse issues.

Where is the incision placed for a chin augmentation?

The location of the incision depends on whether you have the implant placed inside or outside and with the anatomy of your face. Dr. Pirani will make sure that an external incision will be well-placed to blend in as well as possible.

How does a chin implant stay put?

Chin implants are made out of a soft silicone so they are not attached to a bone. Securing the implant in place is not necessary since there is a pocket made surgically between the bone and soft tissue. The implant will fit into the pocket snugly and will not migrate from there.

Will it be noticeable that I have had a chin augmentation?

While you will be able to tell since you know what to look for, it is more likely that other people will just notice how incredible your face looks. They will most likely not be able to pinpoint that you have had a chin augmentation since it is at the end of your face. Most people’s eyes draw naturally to others’ nose and eyes, so the chin will not be what they think of.

Are there any restrictions following a chin augmentation surgery?

After your surgery, you should avoid contact sports where your chin might be hit or vulnerable to injury for at least a period of two months. You should also restrict your diet to eat soft foods for about a week after the procedure and take caution when brushing your teeth, especially if you have an internal incision.

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