Choosing The Right Breast Implant Size

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No two human bodies are exactly the same, so the size of implant that you receive is not likely to be the same as someone else you might know. In fact, implants come in a wide array of shapes or sizes, designed to meet your specific needs as a breast implant patient. While bra sizes come in alphabet letters, breast implants are measured more accurately in cubic centimetres.

But How Can You Know Which Implant Size Is The Right One For You?

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Dr. Pirani has the following suggestions to help guide you through your breast implant selection.

Think Beyond The Size Itself

Perhaps you saw a celebrity who had the type of breasts that you are aiming to get. You might go into your consultation appointment with the hopes of achieving that same size. Yet, the layout of your breasts as well as their shape will affect the overall size that you receive. Not everyone’s body type will allow for the larger-sized implants. It depends greatly on the placement, width, and shape of your natural breasts.

Look Through Magazines

Even though your breast implant size choice might not match a celebrity perfectly, you should still look through magazines or photos online to get a good idea of the final look that you are hoping to have. Save any pictures of women’s breasts that you find that demonstrate what your goals are and bring them with you to your consultation appointment.

Bring A Trusted Friend To Your Appointment

While Dr. Pirani will be able to give you professional advice and recommendations, having a trusted friend supply his or her opinions can help you feel more confident in your choices. Do not let the opinion of others overshadow your body goals, but they might be able to offer a different perspective.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Your implant goal should not just be about appearance, but it should also be about your comfort. That means that you will need to think about what your common habits and lifestyle choices are when choosing a breast implant size. If you are into heavy cardio, distance running, or high-intensity workouts, very large implants will likely be a poor choice for you as they will be in the way of your normal routine.

How Noticeable You Want The Augmentation To Be

While some women want to show off their new breast implants, others would prefer that the results be more subtle. If you are aiming for more dramatic cleavage, you would want to opt for a larger size than someone who is looking to fill out her tops better.

What Is Your Long Term Outlook

Breast implants are designed to last many years, but are not likely to last forever. Like most medical devices, breast implants will need to eventually be replaced. That said, you will still have them for many years. You should think about what your future goals are and whether you would still be happy with them in the future. These goals can anything from aiming to run a marathon to hoping to have children and breastfeed in the next 5 years. You also might want dramatic cleavage at this point in your life, but think about whether you would like it still in the future.

Talk To Dr. Pirani

Dr. Pirani has helped countless women decide on the right breast implant size to meet their needs. Following your lead, Dr. Pirani will be able to take into account your breast implant goals and help you decide the right size of breast implants to reach those goals. When you prepare for your consultation, be sure to bring in as much information about the type of implants that you would like and he will match up your wants to what size of implants are ideal for you.

Ultimately, your breast implant size choice is a personal decision. You should feel confident in your choice and do not let outside voices make you lean one way or another.

Working with Dr. Pirani will help you identify the size of breast implants that you really want, giving you the confidence that you need when making your decision.