Myths And Facts About Breast Implant Surgery

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Somehow, somewhere along the line people got very confused between the facts and myths about breast implants. If all the different ideas out there were true, plastic surgeons would no doubt have very little business. If you happen to be one of the skeptics that don’t believe plastic surgeons when they’re trying to sell breast augmentation to you, then keep reading. Perhaps your line of thinking could be readjusted with just a few simple facts.

Fact or Fiction

You only get a breast implant if you want big boobs

Fiction. Breast implants are not purely to get Pamela Anderson’s boobs. Although some are in fact to do just that, but not all of them. This idea is outdated and incorrect. Breast implants come in large sizes, as well as extremely small sizes. Some women only want a small enhancement so that their breasts appear more natural.

Silicone implants are not safe

Fiction. Yes, in the past silicone implants have not been 100% safe. silicone breast implantsSo it is understandable to think that many are under the same impression today. But alas, times have changed and the latest silicone gel is safe to use. With a clean track record and a strong history of medical research, the new silicone implants are in demand in the plastic surgery world.

Breast implants cannot remove sagging

Fact. The idea that after breast implant surgery your boobs will be bigger and perkier than before is not a realistic one. Your boobs will definitely increase in size but the position will not change. If you desire to have a boob lift and a breast implant, then you will get the increase in size and the better positioning of your breasts as a result.

Breast implants will last forever

Fiction. Obviously this is not a fact; no medical device can be breast implants & augmentationexpected to last a lifetime. It is unrealistic to think that once you’ve had a boob job, that you are sorted forever. Depending on your situation, you may need to have a breast implant exchange sometime in the future.

You cannot breastfeed with breast implants

Fiction. Some women are unable to breastfeed, with or without breast implants, due to unfortunate circumstances. Reliable sources have reported that breast implants have no impact on the process of breastfeeding – it does not release dangerous chemicals into the milk and it has no effect on the breastfeeding capabilities.

They will always look fake

Fiction. If you go to the Toronto Plastic Surgery Centre – experienced and professional clinic – your results will be as natural as your current boobs. The plastic surgeon will take into account the patients weight, age, current cup size and height to attain the most natural looking breasts.

As you can see from the information above – the confusions regarding breast augmentation are endless. If you are one of the millions of people that have believed some of the myths about breast implants, perhaps you should read more into this process. There are many, many more misunderstandings. The list is endless. Before you jump to conclusions about this plastic surgery procedure, or any other for that matter, I suggest you do some research. Ignorance is not always bliss.