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Breast Procedures

Shape Nipple Reduction

Many people feel self-conscious about the size of their nipples. Fortunately, this minor procedure can address asymmetries and improve the appearance of your breasts, allowing you to feel more confident.

About the Treatment

  • How does Dr. Pirani perform this procedure?

    Fortunately, large nipples can be treated rather easily. This procedure is minor, often taking less than an hour, and can be performed under local anaesthesia. 

    It is quite common to have these asymmetries addressed as part of other surgical procedures of the breast such as a breast augmentation, breast lift (mastopexy), or breast reduction.

  • Recovery

    Patients normally experience very minimal swelling after the procedure. Most patients can return to work immediately, but Dr. Pirani recommends avoiding strenuous activity and exercise for four to six weeks as the delicate tissues heal.

  • Consultation

    For a consultation regarding nipple reduction, Dr. Pirani will spend approximately 30 minutes going over your surgical options, after which he will create a custom surgical plan that addresses all of your concerns and goals. He will go over risks and possible complications and give you an idea of what you should expect in terms of results and recovery. Dr. Pirani’s goal is to educate you so that you fully understand your customized surgical plan and feel confident and informed.

  • Procedure Cost

    $2,600 (Taxes not included)

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