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Breast Procedures

Restore Breast Lift

Due to aging, weight change, pregnancy, or breastfeeding, women’s breasts can droop or sag, resulting in an unwanted change to what is an important part of a woman’s body and self-image. A breast lift procedure will help restore the appearance of your breasts and give them a more youthful look.

About the Treatment

  • Who is a good candidate for a breast lift?

    Anyone unhappy with the appearance of saggy or droopy breasts can consider a breast lift. A breast lift can also rejuvenate your breasts (along with your appearance) by:

    • raising the position of your nipple/areola
    • giving you rounder breasts
    • giving you ‘perkier’ breasts
    • resolving breast asymmetries
    • reducing the size of your areola

    Generally, the best candidates for a breast lift are in relatively good health, have refrained from smoking for at least four to six weeks before surgery, and haven’t breastfed for six months prior to the procedure.

  • How is a breast lift performed?

    There are several ways to perform a breast lift. Dr. Pirani will discuss your goals with you while taking into account your unique anatomical measurements and soft tissue characteristics. Factors such as skin quality and elasticity will help Dr. Pirani decide upon a customized surgical approach tailored to the specific needs of your body. There are three general surgical techniques to a breast lift. They include:

    • A Periareolar Mastopexy

    This is best for small lifts. It involves a small and well-concealed incision immediately around your areola (or where the dark skin meets the breast).

    • A Short Scar or ‘Lollipop’ Mastopexy

    This procedure is best for moderate lifts. It involves a periareolar (around the areola) incision along with another small vertical incision from the areola down to the crease under the breast. This is also a well-hidden incision and this procedure takes the shape of a small lollipop.

    • Anchor Mastopexy

    This is the traditional mastopexy technique and is usually used for larger lifts. It involves a minor horizontal scar added to the incision made by the ‘lollipop’ mastopexy, giving it the final shape of a small anchor.

    For many patients, a breast augmentation (or breast implant) is combined with a breast lift to fully rejuvenate both the volume and position of your breasts. 

  • Recovery

    Most patients will take two to four weeks to recover from a breast lift. Depending on the type of breast lift performed, post-operative bras may be required for an additional length of time. As for the results, those will be visible right away and you should immediately get the emotional and self-confidence boost of having a rejuvenated body. Patients should expect to continue to see changes in their breast shape for at least six months to a year after a breast lift.

  • Consultation

    The consultation for a breast lift is important, second only to the procedure itself. During the consultation, Dr. Pirani will determine your beauty goals and how he can help you reach them. During the average breast lift consultation, Dr. Pirani will take about 30-45 minutes to discuss the surgical options relevant to you. He will then create a custom surgical plan tailored to your unique body characteristics, go over risks and possible complications, and give you an idea of what you should expect in terms of results and recovery. Dr. Pirani’s goal is to educate you so that you fully understand your customized surgical plan.

  • Procedure Cost

    $9,500 + (Taxes not included)

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