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What should I look for in a surgeon?

This is a personal choice. In Canada, it is important to choose a surgeon that is board certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  Surgeons with this certification will have the FRCSC designation after their name.

It is important that you understand who your surgeon is, and what kind of surgeon they are. The term "Facial Plastic Surgeon" usually refers to ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) surgeons, not plastic surgeons. Similarly, a "cosmetic surgeon" is not necessarily a plastic surgeon. General surgeons can use that term. "Cosmetic physician" is a term often used by GPs and family physicians.

I saw two surgeons, but one is much cheaper than the other. Why is this?

Don't automatically choose the surgeon with the lowest price. Newer surgeons with less experience often charge less when they first start out. Similarly, non-plastic surgeons may charge less. The geographical area you are in may also play a role in pricing.

Is Dr. Pirani a board certified plastic surgeon?

Yes. Dr. Pirani is a board certified plastic surgeon. In addition to being a plastic surgeon, he is one of only a few plastic surgeons in Toronto with formal fellowship training in cosmetic plastic surgery. This means that after becoming a plastic surgeon, Dr. Pirani then did further training in cosmetic plastic surgery above and beyond that taught to most plastic surgeons.

There are only a handful of before and after photos on Dr. Pirani's website. Can I see more?

Yes. When you come in for an in-person consultation, Dr. Pirani can show you more photos than those placed on the website. Many of our patients prefer not to have their photos posted on the internet.

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