Dr. Asif Pirani is dedicated to providing top quality care to the residents of Yorkville and beyond. He has extensive training from some of the best and most respected medical and cosmetic surgery schools in North America – the University of Toronto, The University of British Columbia, and New York University. Dr. Pirani has honed his skills alongside many of the preeminent doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Pirani is proud to bring this broad experience to Yorkville! He and his elite staff have established his practice right here in Yorkville, and patients instantly understand why he’s so renowned upon seeing his work.

The neighbourhood of Yorkville has a long history of cultural vibrancy and excellence. Though it was originally an independent town, it was eventually incorporated into the city of Toronto. It quickly established itself as an important cultural hub within the big city.

Quite famously, Yorkville was a hotspot for bohemian culture. Many genre-defining artists and musicians worked their craft within the neighbourhood, like Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Gordon Lightfoot among countless others.

Over time, as the neighbourhood became more famous for its cultural significance, it attracted more upscale attention. Nowadays it is a centre for high-end boutiques, services, and luxury hotels.

As the neighbourhood’s character has changed, it has never ceased to be a bustling hub of great minds and cultural activity. Dr. Pirani’s Toronto Plastic Surgery Center is perfectly situated within this context. Yorkville is a community with high standards of quality, elegance, design, luxury, and expertise, which makes it a great fit for Dr. Pirani’s practice.

Dr. Pirani’s Toronto Plastic Surgery Center can be found right in the Northern part of Yorkville on Avenue Road. If you live within or near Yorkville, you understand the value of high-quality services! To live and work in this area, you need to be able to look and feel your best. Fortunately for you, Dr. Pirani provides excellent cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments conveniently located in your area.

Whether you are considering or interested in your first procedure, or have had experience and success with plastic surgery in the past, the Toronto Plastic Surgery Center is dedicated to helping you regain a more youthful appearance and sense of self. Dr. Pirani has years of experience working with and helping a wide range of patients achieve their desired results with facial rejuvenation, facelifts, and breast augmentation and implant procedures.


Facial rejuvenation procedures are multifaceted treatment options that many of our patients explore in order to bring youthfulness and elasticity back into their faces. As we grow older, the body – especially apparent in one’s face – begins to lose subcutaneous fat. This means that our facial muscles are working much closer to the surface of the skin, exaggerating the appearance of smile lines and “crow’s feet”, making them more pronounced. Dr. Pirani’s practice specializes in facial rejuvenation treatments such as Botox, and soft tissue injections called dermal fillers (Juvederm) to add volume to thin lips, improve shallow contours, soften the appearance of creases and wrinkles, and greatly improve the look of scars left behind from acne and other facial blemishes.


The Toronto Plastic Surgery Center also has experience with much longer lasting surgical procedures such as face lifts, where Dr. Pirani and his team rejuvenate the face by repositioning the underlying facial musculature and re-draping the skin to produce a noticeably more youthful appearance with fewer lines, wrinkles, and loose skin around the eyes, mouth, and neck.


In addition to cosmetic facial procedures, Dr. Pirani has extensive experience with treatments and procedures that cover the entire body. Dr. Pirani is a board certified Toronto plastic surgeon and he and his team will listen to your needs and concerns and combine it with their expertise to tailor a customized procedure to fit your body.

Breast augmentation is one of the most widely performed plastic surgery procedures in the city, and is designed to enhance both breast shape and breast volume. Whether due to genetic factors, or as a result of childbirth or significant weight loss, Dr. Pirani and the Toronto Plastic Surgery Center have helped countless women achieve their ideal body image, symmetry, and balance through breast augmentation and breast implant procedures.

Before considering or embarking upon these transformations, many people are unaware that there are different surgical methods that can be used to achieve the desired results, which is where our in-depth consultations come into play. A new method currently in practice involves using fat from a patient’s abdomen or hips, known as fat grafting or fat transfer, to augment the breasts. The most common method for breast enhancement involves the insertion of saline or silicone implants. When you are faced with options, it is important to consider the pros and cons. Saline implants generally require smaller incisions and are less expensive, but can feel less natural and show under the skin as small ripples. Silicone is a more expensive material and requires a slightly longer incision – the trade-off being a more natural look and feel.

Dr. Pirani is an expert in facial treatments, including:

For men and women looking for body procedures, Dr. Pirani offers the following:

Those looking for non-surgical rejuvenation or for help targeting troubling lines or wrinkles, there are several options available:

Besides his superb technique and extensive training, Dr. Pirani also works hard to set an even higher standard of service by offering a totally personalized and customized experience. He makes sure to personally get to know each patient with a thorough consultation, because he understands that beauty cannot be achieved with a one-size-fits-all approach. You will never be double booked for an appointment, so you will always have Dr. Pirani’s full attention.

If you are looking for a cosmetic surgeon in Yorkville, then look no further than Dr. Pirani. You can book your first consultation whenever you are ready by calling us at 416-360-8772. You can also contact us on our website in order to book your personal consultation with Dr. Pirani.

To reach Dr. Pirani’s office from Yorkville is simple, because you are practically already there! All you need to do is:

  1. Head west on Yorkville Avenue toward Avenue Road
  2. Turn Right onto Avenue Road
  3. Dr. Pirani’s office at 199 Avenue Road will be on the right.

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